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2018 – 45th Annual Field Trip:

Southern Cascades of California: featuring Mount Shasta, Medicine Lake Volcano, Lava Beds National Monument, and more!


South Coast Geological Society is heading to the Southern Cascades for our 45th Annual Field Trip on September 28th to October 1st, 2018! The field trip is being led by Dr. Brandon Browne, Humboldt State University and Ben Lewis, President, South Coast Geological Society. The camping location is Harris Spring Campground (41.457, -121.785) on USFS land outside of McCloud, CA. Attendees are responsible for their own transportation but we’d like to facilitate options. The main options are:
1) Drive/carpool, 12 hours each way, $150 in gas per car (up and back).
2) SCGS will have a rental van for up to 12 people that will leave Friday at 6AM and return Monday around 8PM. Costs will be shared evenly by those who take it (~$60). SCGS Officer will be the designated driver.
3) Fly, 6 hours travel time each way (check-in, rental car), $100-$200 for the flights (Southwest from Long Beach to Sacramento) and $200-$500 per rental car (sedan is fine; $60 in gas).

As part of registration we would like you to report your transportation choice in a google document so that you can coordinate with others.

Friday: Arrive to Harris Springs Campground (Travel Day)
Saturday: Medicine Lake Volcano and Lava Beds National Monument (glass mountain, lava tubes, recent volcanic deposits)
Sunday: Mount Shasta tour-around (various volcanic deposits, landslide deposits)
Monday: Depart to home (Travel Day)


The Fees for the 2018 South Coast Geological Society Field Trip are as follows:
Regular Member: $145
Student Member: $95 (First 10 students); $145 thereafter pending sponsorship availability.
Non-Member: $190

The cost includes camp site fees, food from dinner on Friday night to lunch on Sunday and everything in between (6 meals total), field trip t-shirt, beverages (beer, wine, water, soda), port-a-potty’s, a printed Road Log book, and digital 2018 Field Trip Guidebook.

Student Sponsorship:
Student field trip costs are offset by the generosity of our members. We value our sponsors! This year student sponsorship is $100 to support 2 student field trip attendees.

Please complete and submit the registration form below (Google Form).

See you there!

#SouthCoastGoingAllTheWay #SouthCoastGoesFar

“A trip of a lifetime! South Coasts’ furthest trip!” – Ben Lewis, President, 2018

“Worth the Drive! Unforgettable!” – Allison Bieda, Vice President, 2018

“A trip you DO NOT want to miss!” – Chris Baker, Past President, 2016

“Road trip! I’ll bring all my CD’s” – Georgie Aronson, Treasurer, 2018

“Shot-Gun times 2!” – Taylor Bogdanovich, Publications Manager, 2018


Tom Devine, Ben Lewis, and Dr. Brandon Browne viewing a map of Medicine Lake Volcanic deposits during the scouting trip.


Mount Shasta lookout.


Lava tube at Lava Bed National Monument.


Past Field Trips!

2017 – SCGS Annual Field Trip 2017 was held at Mecca Hills from November 3rd to 5th, 2017. This field trip was led by Greg Shagam, SCGS 2017 President, and Dr. Art Syvester, UCSB Professor and author of Roadside Geology of Southern California. The field trip included a visit to the Ormat North Brawley Geothermal Power Plant in Brawley, a hiking tour of Box Canyon and Painted Canyon, and the South Eastern end of the Salton Sea.

2016 – SCGS Annual Field Trip 2016 was held at Tejon Ranch, Frazier Park, and the Carrizo Plains. SCGS followed along the Garlock and San Andreas Faults observing the tectonics, faulting, and slides of the area. The Carrizo featured an up close and personal experience with geomorphic features, fault scarps, aeolian dunes, and lake beds. Presenters include Mr. Eldon Gath presented work that has been completed on Tejon Ranch, Mr. Brian Swanson, and Brian Olson from CGS presented new and upcoming mapping that is being completed on Frazier Mountain, and how it correlates with some of Dibblee’s maps, Mr. Gregg Wilkerson provided an evening presentation on the mining and mineral wealth of the area, and Mr. Brian Papurello presented the Carrizo Plains.