South Coast Geological Society

Field Trips

2018 – Field Trip Information will be announced soon!

2017 – SCGS Annual Field Trip 2017 was held at Mecca Hills from November 3rd to 5th, 2017. This field trip was led by Greg Shagam, SCGS 2017 President, and Dr. Art Syvester, UCSB Professor and author of Roadside Geology of Southern California. The field trip included a visit to the Ormat North Brawley Geothermal Power Plant in Brawley, a hiking tour of Box Canyon and Painted Canyon, and the South Eastern end of the Salton Sea.

2016 – SCGS Annual Field Trip 2016 was held at Tejon Ranch, Frazier Park, and the Carrizo Plains. SCGS followed along the Garlock and San Andreas Faults observing the tectonics, faulting, and slides of the area. The Carrizo featured an up close and personal experience with geomorphic features, fault scarps, aeolian dunes, and lake beds. Presenters include Mr. Eldon Gath presented work that has been completed on Tejon Ranch, Mr. Brian Swanson, and Brian Olson from CGS presented new and upcoming mapping that is being completed on Frazier Mountain, and how it correlates with some of Dibblee’s maps, Mr. Gregg Wilkerson provided an evening presentation on the mining and mineral wealth of the area, and Mr. Brian Papurello presented the Carrizo Plains.